My name is Dr. Angela Lauria. I am the founder of The Author Incubator and I work with coaches, entrepreneurs, and writers who want to change the world with their words. Since 1994, I have worked as a researcher, author, editor, designer, and publisher, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I realized I didn’t want to work on just any book.

In 2006 I was a new mom with a marriage that was falling apart and a baby who never stopped crying. As if things weren’t bad enough, 6 days before Christmas I was fired from my dream job. Driving home from being fired I stopped at a gas station, filled up my car, and broke down into a sobbing mess. I was lost. Everything I had worked so hard to achieve was crumbling underneath my feet and I felt helpless to stop it.

That’s when I discovered the work of Martha Beck. Before I took my next job I wanted to find my life’s purpose. I read every word and did every exercise in Martha’s book Finding Your Own North Star, but there was one exercise I could never complete. In the book Martha asks: “WHAT DO YOU LOSE TRACK OF TIME DOING?”

I had no idea. And so I picked up another book, and then another, and then another. I spent my unemployment checks on reading personal growth books and trying to figure out what I lost track of time doing.

And that’s when I realized, what I lost track of time doing was reading books on topics I’m passionate about!

Since that realization, I have coached over 100 authors-in-transformation about writing their books. Thousands of others have participated in my group classes and training calls. I feel lucky and blessed every day to help my clients turn their dream of being an author into a reality. I am living my dream of participating in the creation of books that are making the world a better place.